Notes to Editors

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These notes are considered guidelines.


When uploading images to the wiki, consider indexing them to reduce file size.

Formal Language

Use formal language when creating pages or making page edits.
Use full form writing, for example, "can not" instead of "can't" and "it is" instead of "it's".

State the full form of an acronym followed by a bracketed acronym once per page before using the acronym alone.
For example, digital signal processing (DSP) and SynthEdit (SE).

Abbreviations are not required.
Example D.S.P. or S.E.

Refrain from using analogies and idioms.
This is to keep the language clear and concise.
As translations can easily change analogies and not all idioms are understood between cultures.
Do the best to explain things in plain English.

Stay contemporary, distracting pages take away from the content.

Keep code as clean as possible.


Some pages use version specific pages, such as "Refernce Pages/1.4 Standard Modules"; while others apply to SynthEdit in general, such as "Resources/3rd Party Modules".
When creating pages pertaining to specific versions of SynthEdit, remember to use the appropriate namespace and version header from the templates.
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