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This article is about the current version of SynthEdit.


Type Subject Related Image Related Link Information Added by Date
Tip Entering The New DSP Workspace N/A N/A Hold shift when clicking on the "Structure" choice of the right click menu for containers to enter the new DSP workspace. The new interface allows for zooming, viewing the whole workspace at once and faster loading. This also works when you double click a container while holding shift. JWP 2019 12 04
Tip Editing N/A N/A Be careful when making changes with the sound engine running. A wrong connection or change may crash SynthEdit and there is no autosave. JWP 2020 02 14
Tip Editing N/A N/A After completing sections or making modifications, create a build and test in a host to ensure they behave as expected. JWP 2020 02 14
Trap Exporting N/A N/A It appears the developer has removed the "Do you want to save" dialog after an unsuccessful built to avoid this situation.If "yes" is selected in the "Do You Want To Save" dialog after an unsuccessful build, there is a good chance some of the GUI elements have shifted up and will save this way for some unknown reason. JWP 2020 02 14