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This article is about the current version of SynthEdit.

SynthEdit is a digital audio modular synthesis visual development environment for Windows by Jeff McClintock. Developers connect lines (patches) between digital signal processing (DSP) and graphic user interface (GUI) boxes (modules) in a Windows application to generate digital audio voices and/or audio processing effects.

SynthEdit is shareware.


GUI Editing.
DSP Editing.

SynthEdit has two main views when creating projects, the GUI view and the DSP view.


The GUI view is used to arrange objects on a workspace that will be what the end user sees.


The DSP view is used to connect patches between modules that do the audio processing and generate the objects visible on the GUI workspace.


The oldest version available at Archive.org is 0.46. Which has yet to see the Virtual Studio Technology/instrument (VST/i) export ability implemented.

1.1 The matured version of SynthEdit, including the functionality of exporting to 32bit VST2.
1.2 SynthEdit 1.2 introduced a new interface and the ability to export to 64bit VST2, VST3 (Windows and Mac).
1.3 SynthEdit 1.3 introduced a experimental zoom feature for both development views.
1.4 SynthEdit 1.4 introduced experimental support for Mac Audio Units.